Wolverine WV-01

Wolverine’s Powers WV-02

Weapon X WV-03

Wolverine and Silver Fox WV-04

Wolverine’s Costumes WV-05

Timeline: 1890s-1950s WV-06

Timeline: Cold Warrior WV-07

Timeline: X-Man (Part 1) WV-08

Timeline: X-Man, (Part 2) WV-09

Wolverine and WWI WV-10

Wolverine and WWII WV-11

Wolverine and Japan WV-12

Wolverine and Madripoor WV-13

Wolverine Secret Agent WV-14

Department H/Alpha Flight WV-15

Wolverine: X-Man (part 1) WV-16

Wolverine: X-Man (part 2) WV-17

Wolverine: Avenger WV-18

Wolverine and X-Force WV-19

Wolverine: Headmaster WV-20

Loves and Losses WV-21

Wolverine and Jean Grey WV-22

Magneto’s Revenge WV-23

Wolverine Goes To Hell WV-24

Wolverine’s Family WV-25

Wolverine and Romulus WV-26

Agent of Weapon X WV-27

Wolverine and the Hand WV-28

Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike WV-29

Major characters such as Wolverine are dealt with in extraordinary detail covering all the most important aspects of their lives. You’ll get new articles at regular intervals until you’ve got the whole story.

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Spider-man! Skrulls! Wolverine! The Avengers Quinjet! Rogue! Stan Lee! And Much, Much More!

The Marvel Fact Files is designed to be pulled apart and filed in special binders, which you get free with the collection.You’ll get your first binder free with issue 2, then you’ll get more free binders as you need.

Filing the pages could not be easier. The collection is divided into seven different sections (or books), each of which is colour coded. Later on in the collection you’ll get free divider cards that allow you to keep them separate.

You can tell exactly where to file each page by looking at the bar at the top. The colour and the name on the left tell you which section the page belongs to. Then look at the right of the bar which tells you which chapter the page belongs to. Finally, every article has a unique code and page number. Just file these alphabetically.

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